Paolo’s Gelato Flavors

At Paolo's all our gelato is made fresh, here is a sample list of the flavors that are in rotation. We also offer special seasonal flavors, sign up for the Flavor Alert so you know whats available in your Paolo's Gelato location.



Cioccolato (cho-koh-LAH-toh) is basic chocolate, but the variations are nearly endless. Here are a few to look for:


Cioccolato Fondente (cho-koh-LAH-toh fawn-DEN-teh) – Dark chocolate lovers, this is the label to look for. 


Cioccolato al latte (cho-koh-LAH-toh ahl LAH-tay), is milk chocolate.


Bacio (BAH-cho) – Named for the chocolate candies that come from Perugia, this is a chocolate hazelnut combination.


Gianduia (jahn-DOO-yah) – Combination of milk chocolate and hazelnut. This flavor comes from the Piedmont region.


Cioccolato all’arancia (cho-koh-LAH-toh ahl-ah-RAHN-cha) – This is chocolate orange.


Cioccolato con peperoncini (cho-koh-LAH-toh kohn pep-pehr-ohn-CHEE-nee) – It’s basically a hot pepper infused chocolate.


Nut Flavors

Pistacchio (pee-STAHK-yoh) – Paolo’s uses real pistachio’s imported from Sicily for this special flavor.


Mandorla (mahn-DOOR-lah) – Almond, rich and flavorful.


Nocciola (noh-CHO-lah) – This is delicious hazelnut.


Castagna (kahs-TAHN-yah) – Chestnuts, great in the colder months.


The Creams

Here’s a flavor tip – if your first flavor choice is something particularly strong or difficult to match with something else, pairing a cream flavor is a good option because it won’t compete with the first flavor, but will add a muted backdrop.


Zuppa Inglese (TSOO-pah een-GLAY-zay) – Literally tranlated this is “English soup,” - referring to an English dessert called “trifle.” A custardy flavored base with bits of cake and sherry.


Riso (REE-zoh) – This is literally rice, but is more like frozen rice pudding. And yes, bits of rice are in it.


Malaga (mah-LAH-gah) – Rum raisin


Stracciatella (strah-cha-TEL-lah) – Like the Italian gelato equivalent of chocolate chip ice cream. It’s a fior di latte base with chocolate bits in it. 


Liquirizia (lee-kwee-REE-tzee-ah) – You guessed this one (it’s licorice). 


Cannella (kah-NEL-lah) – Cinnamon, a true delight. It’s not a super-hot cinnamon, but just a nice representation of the spice. Consider pairing with fruit flavors like pear, apple, or chocolate.


Fior di Latte (FYOR dee LAH-tay) – The base flavor for all cream (even chocolate) flavors, this is literally “flower of milk” with a wonderfully subtle sweet cream flavor. 


Crema (KREH-mah) – This is an egg custard flavor, and shouldn’t be 

confused with vanilla.


Zabaione (zah-bah-YOH-nay) – This gelato is a dessert of the egg yolks and sweet Marsala wine. So it’s an eggy and custardy, with an overtone of Marsala.


Cocco (KOH-koh) – Coconut


Caffè (kah-FAY) – Just in case you aren’t getting enough coffee flavor in your daily morning espresso, here’s the gelato version.


Amarena (ah-mah-RAY-nah) – Though it has fruit in it, it’s a cream base, – it’s Fior di latte with sour cherries mixed in. 


The Fruits

Technically, these aren’t considered gelati – instead, they’re sorbetti because they’re made without milk. The fruit flavors are so intense, you’ll be amazed at how they taste like fresh fruit.


Fragola (FRAH-go-lah) – Strawberry.


Lampone (lahm-POH-nay) – Raspberry.


Limone (lee-MOH-nay) – Lemon. Perfect for summer.


Mandarino (mahn-dah-REE-noh) – Mandarin orange.


Melone (meh-LOH-nay) – Cantaloupe.


Albicocca (al-bee-KOH-kah) – Apricot.


Fico (FEE-koh) – Fig-ours is local.


Frutti di bosco (FROO-tee dee BOHS-koh) – This means “fruits of the forest,” like blueberries and blackberries.


Mela (MEH-lah) – Apple (also look for mela verde (MEH-lah VEHR-day), or green apple).


Pera (PEH-rah) – This is pear, and has a subtle flavor, but one of the best features is the texture. Like you’re eating a pear.


Pesca (PEHS-kah) – How lucky are we to be so near the best fresh local Peaches!


Specialty Flavors

At Paolo’s, you’ll find regional and seasonal gelato specialties. There’s no way to capture them all here, so check with us often!


Rose - Flower essence is used for taste and smell of red roses.


Jasmine - Captures the taste and smell of yellow Jasmine.


Avocado - Real, freshly-ripened avocados for this special flavor.


Vino Bianca - White Italian wine gelato. Perfect paired with fruit.


Vino Rosso - Red Italian wine flavored gelato, grest with chocolate.


Limoncello - Light and refreshing crisp lemon flavor.